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Dressage Unlimited is a full service program.

Lessons Without Your Own Horse

We offer instruction on safe, quiet lesson horses to first time youth and adult riders. We train one-on-one establishing the absolute basic foundation in all of our riders. We offer lesson packages and lease options to riders without their own horses. Lease options include competition goals. 

Full Service Training Packages for Riders With Their Own Horses

We work with riders who just want to learn to ride and enjoy a quiet personal journey with their horse, as well as full show training programs for all levels of riders. We have had eight of our riders earn their bronze and silver medals in the past two years alone. 

Full Service Training for Horses of All Breeds

Tiffany will train all breeds of horses to compete at all levels of dressage, through international. Our list of nationally ranked horses outside of our imported Warmbloods include: Morgans, Paints, Shire, Friesians, Andalusions, Appaloosa, cross breeds, Arabians, etc. Tiffany feels strongly that dressage benefits all breeds and has a gift that allows her training to adapt to all temperaments.  


Year after year our juniors have garnered personal and competitive success. Learning to ride and compete is a life journey. Our youth not only take home walls of ribbons and shelves of trophies, they also win a life time experience that grooms them for the real world. 

Grooming Services

As a part of all training package rates, we include lessons, horse grooming, blanketing, and supplements. 

Haul-In Riders

We welcome haul-in riders for private lessons per appointment. Tiffany also travels for organized clinics and lectures. 



Tiffany has searched locally, nationally and internationally to successfully pair her riders with winning partnerships. She personally travels to test ride any prospective show horse for her clients.

Attention to detail:

The health, safety and well being of the horses and her riders is paramount. With a hard working staff, Tiffany takes her riders from their first lesson through to show ring ready to win.