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About TK Dressage Unlimited

Tiffany Kell Brinton

Tiffany, a USDF bronze, silver and gold medal and freestyle bar rider, has not only earned numerous national titles herself but has also created hundreds of world, national, state and local championship riders. She believes in developing all riders from beginners to Grand Prix on a very personal level. Each rider and horse is individually guided and encouraged to bring out their ultimate potential.

Tiffany has been running a successful competition equestrian barn for over 35 years, her own riding and showing background is quite diverse including jumping, and western, giving her a unique well rounded perspective on training and teaching. The bottom line is that success is built on patience and perseverance with safety and the horse’s welfare as undisputed priorities. “We work hard and have fun as a team.”

Tiffany’s personal learning process has included working with some of the top international dressage riders and instructors. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each student and horse. Learning dressage is a life journey that teaches us to appreciate all the little pieces that go into the huge success.

“I am so thankful for the hundreds of owners and riders who have believed in our program over the past 35 years, they definitely have reaped the rewards and stayed lifelong friends. The fabulous part of being a successful trainer/coach is the never ending learning process.
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