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Season Highlights!

2017 Andalusion World Cup Supreme Champion
This stunning pair took Las Vegas by storm!! Seelchen Feibush and her undefeated Warlander gelding, Phantom took home the Supreme Champion Dressage Suitability, part breed, award after a week of winning absolutely every class they had entered.
-Brenna Girard and her Andalusion gelding, Jazzistico, took home a Reserve Champion in Show hack.
-Youth Rider, Seelchen Budka, walked away with a Reserve Champion on her Andalusion gelding, Dinamo in the Youth Equitation class.
-Amanda Johnson not only took a Reserve and Champion in the Second level dressage classes, aboard Cabellero Del Rey,  but walked away with a Champion in the part bred Dressage Hack class with her gelding Diego del Rey.
-Seelchen Feibushes FEI Friesian “Hero” earned the coveted Friesian Sport Elite Predicate award after a very successful season at Intermediare 1.  Look for this pair at Grand Prix!!
-Christie Cooper aboard dutch gelding Trooper earned her Silver USDF freestyle bar this spring and has since earned her freestyle scores at Intermediare 1, taking her halfway towards earning her Grand Prix freestyle bar.
-Melody Hicks rode her way to a Championship ribbon at third level at this year’s RAAC competition!
-Mylene Chow earned a third place in a tough first level class at this year’s RAAC competition
-Stephanie Bennett earned her USDF Bronze Medal aboard her Hannovarian gelding Bugatti
-Melody Hicks earned her USDF Bronze Medal with her hannovarian gelding Solomon