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Imported Dressage Warmbloods

TK Dressage Unlimited

Congratulations Stephanie Bennett on your purchase of Six year Old
Hannavarian gelding San Sabastian

TK Dressage Unlimited

Welcome Stetson, 4yr old Hannovarian gelding (Stedinger x Rotspan)

Tiffany Kell Brinton

Congratulations Tiffany Kell Brinton and Hoj’s Danser, 9-year-old Danish Gelding, (DeNiro)

Jackie Brosamer

Congratulations Jackie Brosamer and 7-year-old Westphalian gelding, “Salzburg” (Spielberg x Fidelio)

Stephanie Bennett

Congratulations Stephanie Bennett and 5-year-old Oldenburg gelding, “Balistro” (Bordeaux x Relevant)

Tiffany Kell Brinton

Congratulations Tiffany Kell Brinton and 5-year-old Hannovarian gelding, “Solomon” (Steddinger x Bellisimo)

Mylene Chow

Congratulations Mylene Chow and 4-year-old Hannovarian gelding, “Ballarabi” (Bellstaff x Rotspan)

Imported Dressage Friesians

Julie Unvert

Congratulations Julie Unvert and “Jackpot” (Jildert Fan Jonkershuzen)

Seelchen & David Feibush

Congratulations Seelchen & David Feibush and “Dracula” (Aise Fan Simir Ster) David and Seelchen are the owners of Friesian Dressage and have a proven record with importing superior show horses. Click the tab below for more information!

Friesian Dressage

Friesian Dressage occasionally offers one of our unique horses for sale. In addition we are often aware of many exceptional Friesian horses with proven performance resumes. We are happy to help you find a truly outstanding horse either here or in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact us for any Friesian advice and to share our Friesian Dressage experiences.

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